Obama’s Oil Tax: A Conversation Starter About Climate and Transportation, but a Non-Starter in Congress


The proposal to rev up transportation investment and tap the brakes on emissions won’t pass a Republican-led Congress, but it does ignite a discussion. By John H. Cushman Jr. President Obama’s proposal to impose a $10 tax on every barrel of oil and spend the money on advances in transportation is one of the most comprehensive attempts yet to address the climate impacts of moving people and freight from place to place. Linking climate policy and public works programs, however, is attempting to pave the way for a project not yet shovel-ready. See Also: Congress Actually Dealt with Climate Change in the 2016 Budget Bill. Really. SOTU: Obama Vows to Revamp Federal Coal Leasing Program Bill Allowing Oil Exports Gives Bigger Lift to Renewables and the Climate read more


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